Station Cold Brew has an extensive range of products. While some come in extra-convenient package designs that render them drinkable on-the-go, others — like the Brew-It-Yourself Bags and the Keg, are more catered for at-home or in-office enjoyment.

Station Cold Brew’s portfolio extends to a variety of canned nitro cold brews, including flavors that are inspired by New Orleans, Organic Mocha, Organic Vanilla, and Organic Coconut. Each offering contains none to five grams of sugar per serving and the formula is dairy-free.

For Labour Day weekend, Station Cold Brew has launched a variety of recipes that utilize its core product. The ideas boast a Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail, a BLT sandwich where the bacon is marinated in Cold Brew Concentrate, similarly treated short ribs and even a cold brew-inspired ice cream sandwich.

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