Online fashion cultures, punk revival, and “dangerous-looking footwear” are some of the aesthetics that newly launched brand Goth des Garçons is embracing as its ethos and artistic direction. Although the company boasts a very similar name to a certain celebrated contemporary streetwear brand, the founders are quick to note that Goth des Garçons is not affiliated with Comme des Garçons.

The brand was launched through the collaborative efforts of Chris Snyder (@garbage_b0y) and Paul Cantrell (@lhommwboy) who are the creative masterminds behind the Goth Croc. In fact, this model is central to Goth des Garçons as the new label boasts eight different colorways of the footwear. Given the absurdity and popularity of online fashion cultures, this launch is a great example of how far something can take you if it goes viral.

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