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Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips

Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips


Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips


The New Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips Pair with Sam Adams Beer

Nothing goes together quite like beer and potato chips, which is why it makes perfect sense that Cape Cod would team up with Samuel Adams Brewery to create its new Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips. The new partnership marks the very first time that Cape Cod has teamed up with a brewery to create a brand new chip flavor.

The new Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips are a limited-edition product designed to pair perfectly with Sam Adams New England IPA. More specifically, the chips boast cracked pepper and lemon flavors, which complement the “citrus fruit notes and hazy, juicy taste” of the IPA.

With consumers becoming increasingly interested in how their food and drinks go together, the new chips offer a perfect pairing for the summer season.

Image Credits: Cape Cod.


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