In honor of the nationwide launch of Gillette Treo, the world’s first razor designed for assisted shaving, the brand launched three heartwarming commercials that depict the tenaciousness of caregivers.

In America alone, it’s reported that there are almost 44 million unpaid caregivers who assist people who are older, disabled, or in need of help. Gillette Treo was designed with their specific needs in mind and was tested by several unpaid caregivers. Its new campaign shows the story of three duos and their experiences with the shaver.

The first commercial, ‘Together, It All Works,’ shows the loving story of a mother and son who work together to be happy. The second commercial, ‘A Way of Giving Back,’ shows a son’s love for his father and his gratitude for all the support he’s received from his dad. The third commercial, ‘A Different Life Together,’ shows a wife and husband team who have adapted to a new way of life. They all shed light on an important issue many families are facing and the Gillette Treo works to prioritize these individuals with its inclusive design.

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