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Celebratory Sushi Specials

Celebratory Sushi Specials


Celebratory Sushi Specials

The LA-rooted delivery-based sushi kitchen Krispy Rice celebrates its one-year anniversary with the limited-edition Birthday Box, which offers fans of the sushi brand a sneak peek of the new menu options. The updated menu features nine new individual items, including the Philly Roll and Spicy Tuna Crispy Roll on top of four new boxes like the Two-of-a-Kind Box and the Simply Salmon Box. Two exclusive items can be ordered through Krispy Rice’s partnership with the newly launched delivery app CITIZENS GO.The Birthday Box is available from April 3rd to April 20th and comes in carbon-neutral recyclable takeout boxes alongside the rest of Krispy Rice’s products. Through Instagram-worthy products like the exclusive Birthday Box, Krispy Rice has built a digital brand that resonates with young, city-going consumers. The Birthday Box and other Krispy Rice sushi are available in select US cities through major delivery apps like Doordash and UberEats. The delivery-based brand will also be launching a physical store later in 2021.Image Credit: Krispy Rice

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