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22 Unique Snack Ideas

22 Unique Snack Ideas


22 Unique Snack Ideas

These delicious unique snack ideas are perfect for every dietary need. From vegans to the adventurous taste testers of the world, these snacks are meant to quench even the most obscure of munchies. Among these exciting new snacks are several tasty vegan options like the Squeaky Bean Chicken Style Bites, and Germany-based dairy brand Unternehmensgruppe, or Theo Muller’s Vegan Rice products. While the Squeaky Bean Bites are ready to eat in two savory flavors, Muller’s snacks are coconut-based for a sweeter taste. For the adventurous snacker, the Smartfood Popcorn and Krispy Kreme collaboration might be right up your alley. Combining sweet and savory to create a doughnut-flavored popcorn, this limited-time snack is also suitable for health-conscious consumers, boasting only 140 calories, and 1 gram of protein per serving (1.5 cups).

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