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Ceramic Cannabis Flower Jars : cannabis packaging design

Ceramic Cannabis Flower Jars : cannabis packaging design


Ceramic Cannabis Flower Jars : cannabis packaging design

GanjaGold’s Cannabis Packaging Design Includes Luxe Gold Details

GanjaGold’s cannabis packaging designs could easily be confused for luxurious candles but only because consumers are just being introduced to legal retail products, leaving plenty of room for inventive new containers to be introduced. The brand’s custom-sized ceramic jars boast a matte finish, which is not only elegant but useful for preventing debris from getting stuck to the designs.

The baked, cured and painted ceramic jars are topped off by ink with real gold in it that adds a premium element to the cannabis packaging designs. The jars are capped with eco-friendly bamboo lids and an air-tight seal to secure and preserve the freshness of the cannabis flowers within.

As well as being a standout for its luxurious design, GanjaGold 3.77 G sets itself apart for sharing a product with a non-standard size and weight.

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