Stella Artois’ ‘Red Stella Cup’ Puts a Twist on an Iconic Cup

To elevate backyard barbecues and beach celebrations, Stella Artois put its own stamp on the classic red party cup. The Red Stella Cup boasts a design that takes inspiration from the beer brand’s own iconic chalice, introducing a never-before-seen red cup with an elegant stem.

Knowing that there are many locations where glass drinking vessels simply aren’t practical—yet plastic is not always preferable—Stella Artois created a sophisticated and smash-proof take on the red cup.

Packs of the Red Stella Cups can now be ordered online and to kick off the summer season, Stella Artois is making sure that the first 1,000 adults in the United States to visit the site are eligible to get a six-pack of Red Stella Cups for free for a limited time while supplies last.

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