GlacierBox’s eCommerce Packaging Design Holds Frozen & Refrigerated Food

The frequency with which consumers shop online has called for the demand of specialized ecommerce packaging design innovations, including ones like GlacierBox, which helps to securely deliver frozen and refrigerated foods. GlacierBox ships goods from frozen and refrigerated product manufacturers in temperature-controlled, eco-friendly and biodegradable GreenCellFoam coolers.

GlacierBox states that its “clients can be up and running on Amazon Prime and on their own DTC websites in 60 days or less,” as it has already taken in the considerations for processes like sales forecasting, content creation, marketing, fulfillment and customer service. With two-day ground shipping, the service that GlacierBox helps to provide makes it possible for sellers to receive the coveted Prime badge on Amazon, as well as trust from customers.

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