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Climate Crisis Fonts

Climate Crisis Fonts


Climate Crisis Fonts

The Climate Crisis Font can be adjusted on a sliding scale to reflect the rate of climate change. The interactive and sobering typography project comes from Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and agency partner TBWAHelsinki. Free to download, the font can be made large or small to correspond with Arctic Sea Data 1979 to 2019 and with IPCC’s predictions for the rate of change by 2050. The end result shows a terrifying look at the quickly declining state of our planet. The font’s weight directly correlates to the year, and using the year 1979 as a starting point, consumers can see as the font shrinks to nearly nothing as the years pass. The newspaper used the font in a series of articles regarding the urgency of global warming.Image Credit: TBWA/Helsinki / Helsingin Sanomat

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