With mounting concerns regarding the amount of pollution in our waterways, Unilever has launched a Magnum tub that’s created from recycled polypropylene plastic. The shift to closed-loop packing stems from Unilever’s global commitment to ensure a quarter of its plastic packaging is sourced from post-consumer recycled content by 2025.

“Pleasure seekers can now indulge in signature Magnum luxury with the knowledge that they can play a positive role in reducing the impact of plastics on the environment,” said Julien Barraux, vice president Magnum. In order to meet this goal and produced the closed-loop Magnum tubs, the company partnered with chemical company Sabic.

Over 600,000 recycled plastic Magnum tubs have been released in Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands to date and Unilever plans to launch 3 million recycled tubs globally by 2020.

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