The Riga Black Balsam Espresso herbal liqueur has been unveiled by the brand as a new libation that taps into the popularity of coffee-flavored and infused drinks. The drink is made with the same balsam extract in the original product as well as Arabica coffee bean extract along with cinnamon extract to achieve a rich, seductive flavor for curious alcohol aficionados to try out. The drink is reported by the brand to have a premium flavor that leaves an aftertaste of black chocolate on the palate.

Global Brand Director of Riga Black Balsam Maris Kalnins spoke on the Riga Black Balsam Espresso herbal liqueur saying, “With creating the Espresso version of Riga Black Balsam, we have combined two highly valued tastes of consumers: the unique taste of the legendary bitter and the strong, saturated espresso flavor. We are confident about the success of the new balsam flavor in the domestic, Baltic and world markets, with a particular success in the espresso lover’s capital – Italy, where we sent the new drink in early July.”

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