The Writers Tears Double Oak Whiskey Has a Rich Flavor Profile

The Writers Tears Double Oak whiskey is the latest creation from Walsh Whiskey in collaboration with the Legaret family in Cognac, France that promises a rich, indulgent flavor profile for connoisseurs to enjoy.

The whiskey will be a permanent part of the brand’s lineup and is made by being matured in both French and American oak casks, which helps to impart a smooth, silky flavor. The non-chill filtered libation is triple-distilled and bottled with an ABV of 46%.

Founder and Managing Director of Walsh Whiskey Bernard Walsh spoke on the new Writers Tears Double Oak whiskey saying, “At Walsh Whiskey we are driven by an endless quest for the perfect ‘drop’ of Irish whiskey as part of our family’s dream to create a legacy of whiskey excellence. Our fascination with what has gone before us provides an endless well of inspiration and that led us to work our way back to exploring what French oak first brought to Irish whiskey’s taste profile in the 1800s. I look forward to hearing what followers of Writers’ Tears think of our addition to the family.”

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