Sweety & Co. Create a Slick & Modern Aesthetic for Nativa SPA

Porto Alegre-based company Sweety & Co. revamps the personal care packaging for Nativa SPA. There were a few challenges that the design firm needed to overcome — from the old-fashioned appearance to the confusing delivery of information. To rectify this, Sweety & Co. decided to focus on typography, color, and shape.

The palette for the personal care packaging is varying. The design company focuses on “the hierarchy of information” in Native SPA’s product line and uses varying vibrant colors, as well as lightweight typography to capture consumer attention. As it stands, the offerings have the potential to create a captivating “rainbow effect” on shelves which will go a long way for in-store decisions. In addition, the bottles are made to be ergonomic. Their curvy shape is intended to tie directly to the high-quality natural ingredients Native SPA utilizes.

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