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Color-Changing Breakfast Cereals

Color-Changing Breakfast Cereals


Color-Changing Breakfast Cereals

This limited-edition Lucky Charms cereal has been unveiled by General Mills as a breakfast option for avid fans who are craving a new experience when enjoying a bowl. The cereal is being released to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and features toasted oat pieces that have been frosted along with magical clover marshmallows in the mix. The marshmallows will turn milk green upon pairing to make it a fun, eye-catching food for fans of all ages to enjoy.The limited-edition Lucky Charms cereal is being launched at major retailers across the US starting on February 1, 2021 while supplies last and will feature a price point of $3.33 for a Family Size box. The cereal could help to entice picky eaters to finish their milk after consuming the cereal for less waste.Image Credit: General Mills

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