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Sundae-Inspired Ice Cream Lines

Sundae-Inspired Ice Cream Lines


Sundae-Inspired Ice Cream Lines

The Ben & Jerry’s Topped ice cream range is a new offering from the Unilever-owned brand that will offer dessert enthusiast consumers with a way to enjoy a sundae-inspired frozen treat. The product range includes ice creams that have been finished with a semi-soft chocolate ganache on top with different kinds of chunks incorporated into it. The flavors include PB Over the Top, Salted Caramel Brownie, Strawberry Topped Tart, Thick Mint and Tiramisu.Ben & Jerry’s Innovation Guru Dena Wimette spoke on the new Ben & Jerry’s Topped ice cream range saying, “We wanted to dial up the indulgence level with this unique line of flavors, which entirely challenges how you eat this ice cream. We started with sundaes and all the things you add to sundaes to make them great as our inspiration. You could say we ended up going over the Topped.”

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