Sirona India’s New Ad Highlights Its Product’s Draws

Sirona India, an award-wining menstrual hygiene brand, recently shared a new ad that doesn’t stick to the overly subtle ads that have characterized typical tampon and pad promotions in the past. Instead, the narrator of the ad tells it exactly like it is, speaking to women who’ve grown tired of feeling uncomfortable while on their periods, and having to constantly worry about switching out their products.

Sarcastically, the narrator says she loves having to fear blood leaking through her pants at the office while wearing a pad, or not being able to wear the majority of the clothing in her closet. On top of all of that, she considers just how much pads cost her and other Indian women who rely on them every month.

At this point, she speaks to the menstrual cups offered by Sirona India, briefly showing how it’s inserted and cleaned. She admits that the cups will “take a couple of cycles to get used to,” but acknowledges that the learning curve is well worth the comfort, savings, and environmental benefits they offer.

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