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Connected Carton Packaging : Tetra Pak

Connected Carton Packaging : Tetra Pak


Connected Carton Packaging : Tetra Pak


Tetra Pak Unveils a Packaging Platform that Alters Carton Materials

Tetra Pak is a food and beverage company that specializes in creating packaging all over the world and its new connected packaging platform gives traditional cartons a new function. Milk and juice beverage cartons transform into interactive channels that deliver full-scale data and digital information.

It functions on a foundation of digital printing, data management, and code generation that ultimately creates advanced opportunities for retailers, shoppers, and food producers. The platform is rooted in creating a transparent relationship between consumers and manufacturers. It gives retailers the chance to use the platform for immediate insights and supply chain data, distributors can use it as a tracking service, and customers are able to get a better understanding of recycling, ingredient sources, and manufacturing data.


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