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Sensorial Wine Labels : Avery Dennison

Sensorial Wine Labels : Avery Dennison


Sensorial Wine Labels : Avery Dennison


Avery Dennison Introduces New Wine Collections With Unique Labeling

Avery Dennison works on creating packaging and labeling materials and it recently created new collections in the department of wine and spirits. This effort is exercised to highlight the brand’s story, bringing consumers on the journey that understands sustainability through processes that start at the winemaker to retailers, to the end user.

The new collection includes the Sensorial collection, the Black collection, and the Luminous collection. The Luminous series features glittery labels that reflect light and glisten on the shelves. The Black series aims to capture a sense of premium quality using structured labels and simplicity. The most notable collection is Sensorial — it invites consumers to interact with its packaging through touch, sound, and smell. The patterned papers give the labels unique textures, some labels evoke light sounds by brushing through the surface, and other paper labels are made with trees that give off natural scents.


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