A new range of meat-free sandwiches have been created by Adelie Foods and Quorn to offer time-poor consumers with a way to stay fueled throughout the day with delicious, plant-based food varieties.

The sandwich line includes six varieties in total such as Vegetarian Chicken Salad, Vegetarian Chicken & Stuffing, Vegetarian Ploughman’s and Vegetarian Ham Salad along with the Caesar and Sweet Chili Wraps. All of the options are made with premium Quorn protein and are available now at NUS and TUCO Universities now with a nationwide convenience retailer rollout coming in the near future.

Commercial Director for Adelie Foods David Guy spoke on the new meat-free sandwiches saying, “We’re delighted to partner with such a leading and dynamic brand such as Quorn to bring these new products to market. Quorn is a signpost brand when it comes to meat free, so these products will be instantly recognisable, which will help to drive sales for the whole category, especially as more consumers consciously reduce their meat consumption.”

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