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Cranberry-Infused Gravy Sauces

Cranberry-Infused Gravy Sauces


Cranberry-Infused Gravy Sauces

Heinz teamed up with Ocean Spray in the hopes of introducing Cravy to the world and it’s a product that combines gravy with cranberry sauce. The hybrid product has the potential to save people from having to do the mixing when it comes to enjoying holiday meals. Although Heinz introduced Cravy to the world on April Fool’s Day, it has a history of creating unconventional condiment mashups like MayoChup, MayoCue, MayoMust, Kranch and HoneyRacha. On Twitter, the brand said that if it could collect 250,000 votes for Cravy, it would make it a reality. April Fool’s has become a time when brands are free to think outside of the box, dream up wild products and potentially even bring them to fruition later on, if the demand is there.

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