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Creamy Low-Calorie Cheeses : Cathedral City 82

Creamy Low-Calorie Cheeses : Cathedral City 82


Creamy Low-Calorie Cheeses : Cathedral City 82

The Cathedral City 82 Cheddar is High in Protein and Low in Calories

The Cathedral City 82 cheddar has been launched by Saputo-owned brand Dairy Crest as a new low-calorie cheese product for consumers that addresses demand for lifestyle-focused food products.

As the name of the product suggests, the cheeses contain just 82 calories per 30 gram serving and are also high in protein to help stave off hunger. The smooth, creamy profile of the cheese makes it perfect for consumption on its own or as part of a favorite recipe to reduce calories without skimping on flavor.

The Cathedral City 82 cheddar was explained by Cathedral City Marketing Controller Nigel Marchant who said, “Health as a reason for food choice continues to grow, but for many there is still a perception that ‘lighter’ products will compromise on taste. We’ve seen a more recent shift in government, retailer and consumer focus towards calorie reduction, and in response, a rise of calorie-based product propositions in other grocery categories such as ice cream, which are successfully changing consumer perceptions of ‘lighter’ offerings in their respective sectors.”

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