Lark & Berry’s Campaign Shares Its “Clean. Cool. Cultured.” Values

Thanks to lab-grown diamonds, the jewelry industry is being shaken up by not just a new wave of ethical and affordable products but also fresh new diamond campaigns. Lark & Berry got its start last year by sharing cultured lab-grown diamonds and it is now marking its first anniversary with its first-ever global campaign. The lab-grown diamond campaign underlines the forward-thinking fine jewelry brand’s “Clean. Cool. Cultured.” approach to diamonds that are conflict-free and sustainably sourced.

With this campaign, Lark & Berry is helping to shine a light on some of the key selling points of its genuine cultured diamonds, which are often superior to mined diamonds and lower in cost.

The campaign imagery features models wearing colorful necklaces and earrings, with faces that are stamped with the words that underline the brand’s core values.

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