The Flipz Ja-HACK-et Simplifies Summertime Snacking

Flipz, a snack brand that’s known for its chocolate-covered pretzels, wants to equip families with the Ja-HACK-et, which is touted as “the ultimate superpower accessory” for snacking during summer movie season. The Ja-HACK-et is made with six secret pockets for “hacking” snacktime and sneaking treats into the movies.

The jacket contains pockets that are large enough to stash a full bag of Flipz into the movies for sharing, plus other surprises like a family-friendly card game, wet wipes, a portable phone charger, a foldable beverage container and even its own inflatable neck pillow for the wearer.

Flipz is giving fans, movie lovers and families the chance to win the feature-packed, shareable snack-focused Ja-HACK-et this summer by entering a contest before the end of the month.

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