As part of its Curl Power campaign, Aussie Haircare is introducing consumers to a group of SHEROes who are helping the brand to celebrate natural curls and empower the girls of Gen Z to embrace their beauty. While curly hair is often portrayed as unruly and difficult to tame, Aussie’s Miracle Curls Collection aims to equip consumers with protective, moisturizing products that stave off enemies like frizziness and damage.

At Beautycon LA, Aussie is bringing comics and Curl Power together by introducing five influential young women, each of which has adopted a SHERO persona like the Lioness, the Wave Warrior, the Vibe Queen, Radiant Star or the Dream Defender. To further celebrate its SHEROes, Aussie is also partnering with comic illustrator Jen Bartel to bring their personalities and distinctive curls to life.

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