Plant-based products have gained immense popularity over the past few years, so the new Alpro branding has been created to help further its reach and draw in curious shoppers. The new branding will be rolled out across the brands range of plant-based drinks and yogurt alternatives starting in mid-August, and utilizes vibrant ingredient photography to garner the attention of shoppers. The nutrition label has also been moved from the rear to the front in order to boast about the product’s benefits including a high fiber, sugar-free and low in saturated fat profile.

The new Alpro branding and the market status of plant-based products was addressed by Marketing Director for Alpro UK & Ireland David Jiscoot who said, “At present, around £1 in every £10 spent on plant-based food and drink is going through convenience, with sales having risen by 34% in this channel in the last year alone. This means that now is the time for convenience store owners to start to realize the full potential for plant-based sales in this channel, by stocking the plant-based brands that can help them to grow their sales.”

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