Infamuse Taps Anagrama Studio to Design a Strong Visual Identity

When your business is predominantly kept in the digital environment, the shipping aesthetic of your packages becomes of crucial importance as it is one of the main physical touchpoints with the consumer.

Realizing the value in this, Infamuse — a Los Angeles-based e-commerce fashion store for the contemporary streetwear purveyor, taps Mexico City-based Anagrama Studio for a slick and eye-catching shipping aesthetic. The brief called for a youthful extension of the brand that embraced the bold concept of disruption. The main concern was finding a way to integrate Infamuse’s “against-the-ordinary communication attitude” and harnessing it to make a lasting impression on the receiver.

Anagrama Studio completes this with bold fonts, pink accents, as well as a seemingly chaotic use of branded tape when sealing the boxes.

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