The Nissan Altima Bio-Color is an “Exclusive Genetic Color” Based on DNA

Thanks to innovation from Nissan, it’s now possible to select the color for a new car using DNA, which results in the creation of a personal Nissan Altima Bio-Color. Within one’s DNA, there’s a ton of encoded information that is unique to an individual. As there are thousands of genes in the human genetic code, Nissan opted to select and analyze a group of genes related to vision and color recognition.

From two main genetic markers for color vision and night vision, Nissan puts together a Gene Color Map, which details all the colors available for the Nissan Altima, which it calls the “most exclusive color range ever used for a new car.”

To determine their unique Nissan Altima Bio-Color, consumers are able to visit a participating Nissan Showroom and take a free DNA test.

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