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Dog-Centric Magazines : DROOL Magazine

Dog-Centric Magazines : DROOL Magazine


Dog-Centric Magazines : DROOL Magazine

Pet nutrition company BIXBI is introducing DROOL Magazine as a first-of-its-kind quarterly magazine that “puts dogs at the heart of the story.” The magazine is full of interesting stories about dogs and promises to offer readers a more in-depth look into the lives of dogs than ever before. The inaugural issue of DROOL Magazine boasts 96 pages that invite dog lovers to discover the stories of Italian Maremma sheepdogs managing livestock at Hanzell Winery in California or the service dogs tasked with helping non-profit organization Pawsitive Change with prisoner counseling. Naturally, DROOL also shares unique insights into the canine-human relationship. As James Crouch, Editor-In-Chief of DROOL and Founder & CEO of BIXBI, says: “DROOL was born out of the desire to provide free access to these types of interesting narratives that have been previously undocumented in the world of pets.”Image Credit: BIXBI

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