Pedigree’s DentaSTIX Studios Creates Fun Social Media Content

As well as selling tasty DentaSTIX oral care treats for dogs and the treat-holding SelfieSTIX Clip to capture perfect photos of pets, Pedigree is now introducing the DentaSTIX Studios app to equip pet parents with even more fun ways to play with their beloved furry companions. According to Pedigree, the new app “gives our dogs all the social tools us humans have,” creating entertaining content that’s ready to be shared on social media.

With Pedigree DentaSTIX Studios, users are able to add 3D filters with PupBooth, catalog a dog’s daily life with DogDays and get imaginative with the augmented reality GoodLens tool. Naturally, when it comes to creating this content, Pedigree’s DentaSTIX and SelfieSTIX Clip help to make using the app with the cooperation from a canine companion even easier.

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