Hotel SEPP Communicates Luxury with a Twist Through Branding Practices

“Luxury with a twist” is the way moodley brand identity — an Austrian design firm, describes its work for Hotel SEPP. Set amid a breathtakingly beautiful landscape of Alpine scenery, the hospitality establishment definitely piques the interest of travelers who want to experience nature but also indulge in an “exSEPPtionally” elegant and accommodating experience.

Of course, branding is key in enticing consumers to pick one’s business and as a result, Hotel SEPP taps the expertise of moodley brand identity. The result is earthy and rustic. Embarking on a predominantly green color palette, the visual methodology also finds ways to incorporate playful and uplifting imagery. “Luxury with a twist” is definitely an adequate way of describing it.

Photo Credits: Mia Felina, Lumikki
Illustration Credits: Elisabeth Schagerl

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