Monotypo Studio Curates the Aesthetic for MIES, a Gourmet Product Line

MIES is realized as an ethereal brand through the aesthetic work of Guadalajara-based Monotypo Studio. The output is predominantly a collaboration between Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer Daniel Barba and lettering artist Eduardo Mejía.

MIES’ ethereal brand identity relies on the use of a rosy color palette, as well as a skillfully executed and calligraphy-inspired font. During the design process, Monotypo Studio separated the motifs it wanted to embrace in two categories. The preliminary intent was to extract the “elegance, cleanliness, [and] neatness” of the brand and boldly emphasize it. The organic production practices of MIES — which specializes in high-quality gourmet products, were touched upon as a secondary category.

Photo Credits: Eduardo Mejía

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