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Eco-Friendly Beer Packaging : Cepac sustainable packaging

Eco-Friendly Beer Packaging : Cepac sustainable packaging


Eco-Friendly Beer Packaging : Cepac sustainable packaging


ShinDigger Brewing will Now Use Cepac Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The Manchester-based ShinDigger Brewing Company will now use Cepac sustainable packaging across its entire range of products thanks to a new partnership with the corrugated cardboard producer. The packaging aims to eliminate the brewery’s use of tray and shrink wrap materials in favor of a corrugated cardboard design that is also free from glue and tape. The packaging also features moisture control ventilation functionality to keep the product within protected during shipping and when on sale.

The new Cepac sustainable packaging partnership with ShinDigger was addressed by Co-Founder of the brewery George Grant who said, “Prior to working with Cepac, we were using tray and shrink packaging as well as taped boxes imported from China. The change to this new style of packaging fits well with our brand and appeals to ShinDigger customers, providing a high-quality but sustainable packaging product for our beers.”


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