‘JOIST’ Helps Young Women Discover Careers in the Trades

JOIST is a new organization launched by Nashville-based tradeswoman Nolee Anderson and Wolverine, which is known for its durable work boots. JOIST is supported by Wolverine’s Project Bootstrap, which shines a spotlight on opportunities in skilled trades careers and Team Wolverine members like Anderson.

As just 9% of high school students consider a career in the trades, JOIST aims to help young women discover and get equipped with basic trade skills to consider trades work as a career path going forward. With a day-long workshop, Wolverine will be working with Nashville tradeswomen to mentor and teach girls between the ages of 13 and 18 about different career paths. At the launch event, girls will learn valuable safety skills and how to handle power tools to assemble picnic tables for a local non-profit group.

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