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Environmental Alcohol Brand Films

Environmental Alcohol Brand Films


Environmental Alcohol Brand Films

The Jack Daniel’s Sustainability campaign showcases the American whiskey brand’s dedication to building a more eco-friendly future. Shot on location at the Jack Daniel’s headquarters in Tennessee, this video features cameos by Alex Alvarez, Chief Production Officer at Brown-Forman, Donna Clark, Manager of Environmental Compliance at Brown-Forman, Phillip Epps, Global Brand Director for Jack Daniel’s at Brown-Forman, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, and Director of Marketing Operations Steve May. The branded film highlights the company’s focus on “preserving and protecting Jack Daniel’s homeplace” and names water as the company’s most important resource. The brand sources its water from a cape spring in Lynchburg, Tennessee and the brand speaks about not only ensuring this water is pure for manufacturing, but also about the importance of preserving the natural environment surrounding it rather than destroying it. The video goes on to showcase other innovations like a Jack Daniel’s wastewater treatment facility at its factory along with the company’s tree planting efforts and its partnership with the University of Tennessee in order to better establish sustainable practices within its surrounding community.

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