Geico’s ‘Bored Room’ Commercial Promotes the Company’s Motorcycle Plans

Geico’s ‘Bored Room’ commercial promotes the insurance company’s motorcycle protection plan and captures a humorous office meeting scenario.

The commercial starts with a man who rides a motorcycle happily along an open road. He is surrounded by a mountainous landscape and sings Whitesnake’s 80s classic Here I Go Again loudly. The man is interrupted and his surroundings instantly change from an open road to a serious boardroom, with co-workers staring blankly at him.

The Geico ‘Bored Room’ commercial captures an awkward in-office scenario where a man is caught singing and daydreaming. Appealing to Gen-X and Boomer consumers’ love of escapism, this ad teleports its subject out of a boring meeting into a motorcycle joyride fantasy, while promoting the company’s flexible coverage in the process.

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