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eSports Deodorant Contests : Gaming Contest

eSports Deodorant Contests : Gaming Contest


eSports Deodorant Contests : Gaming Contest


The AXE Gaming Contest Invites Gamers to Show Off Their Skills

AXE is encouraging men to take pride in their passions and with the AXE Gaming Contest, gamers have the chance to show off their streaming skills. The contest recognizes that there are tons of people who are great and gaming and streaming, yet the struggle to find their audience. To remedy this, AXE is teaming up with influencer, gamer and FaZe Clan Member Cizzorz to give up-and-coming gamers their chance to show off their creativity and gain some new subscribers.

For the AXE Gaming Contest, fans are being asked to submit their best gameplay clip on social media that shows not just their creativity but also their personality and skillset. The winner of the contest is set to be featured on Cizzorz’s own stream and at this year’s VidCon for a livestreaming event.


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