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Exclusive Streetwear Hotlines : Exclusive Streetwear

Exclusive Streetwear Hotlines : Exclusive Streetwear


Exclusive Streetwear Hotlines : Exclusive Streetwear


Fall Risk’s Debut Collection Can Only Be Purchased By Phone

Brands are creating entire experiences based around exclusive streetwear and dropping limited collections with little notice to fans, making some of the most popular styles harder and harder to come by. For the release of its debut fashion collection, New York-based streetwear label Fall Risk created a digital showroom for its new products but consumers will have to go out of their way to get their hands on the items—as they can only be purchased by calling a hotline.

Rather than being able to quickly and easily place an online order, consumers must place a call to order the Fall Risk streetwear pieces that they wish to purchase. While this may seem inconvenient, it immediately invites shoppers to connect with the designer himself, John Targon, who was previously employed by Marc Jacobs, Celine and Burberry.


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