These new Pure Farmland plant-based meat products have been unveiled by meat process Smithfield Foods as a series of options for consumers that can be enjoyed in place of traditional meat varieties.

The product range includes eight varieties in total, which are formulated to be perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to make them as applicable for consumers as possible. The plant-based meat options are made with a soy base and inherently makes them a complete protein source.

The Pure Farmland plant-based meat products were boasted by Smithfield Foods Chief Commercial Officer John Pauley who said, “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this new product portfolio under our Pure Farmland brand. We’ve been exploring the alternative protein space, and have taken our time to get it right. With this launch, we are bringing together our expertise in creating market-leading food products, our organizational commitment to sustainability and our deep understanding of flexitarian consumers to deliver a broad variety of flavorful plant-based protein choices that consumers want and can afford at a great value.”

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