The Copper & Kings Way Up West American Brandy is Robust

The Copper & Kings Way Up West American Brandy has been announced by the distillery as a limited-edition offering that’s made with premium ingredients to create a distinct flavor that’s unlike anything else on the market.

The brandy is made from a blend of traditional brandy grapes including Chenin Blanc, Muscat and French Colombard, which makes for an excellent base. The spirit has been aged for 30 months in American single malt whiskey barrels and Bourbon barrels to impart an unexpected flavor profile.

Copper & Kings Founder Joe Heron spoke on the Copper & Kings Way Up West American Brandy saying, “This is a damn fine glass of liquid gold. The lushness of the Pacific north-west meets the swagger of Kentucky and crashes quite forcefully into the dimension of exceptional American single malt whiskey. Another adventure and another illustration that you can’t fence Copper & Kings in. This is really very special American brandy – a thoughtful expression of fruit distillate, a departure, an adventure and well worth the trip and back.”

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