The Müller Corner Shop Invites People to Make Their Own Yogurt Snacks

In London, yogurt and desserts brand Müller opened its first-ever yogurt pop-up and is inviting people to create their own unique treats—and there’s bound to be something for everyone, as there are up to 28,000 possible combinations available. The Müller Corner Shop gives people the chance to start with either a Müller Corner, Müller Corner Plain or Müllerlight Greek Style Natural, and these bases can be enhanced with one’s choice of fruit compote, plus textured toppings like pumpkin seeds, milk chocolate-coated digestive balls, nuts, decadent brownie chunks and much more.

On-site, consumers are also able to pick up an engraved Müller spoon, which boasts a special corner and a flat edge to make eating Müller Corner that much easier.

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