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Extra-Creamy Cheese Ranges

Extra-Creamy Cheese Ranges


Extra-Creamy Cheese Ranges

The Sargento Creamery Cheeses Collection has been introduced by the brand to help offer consumers a creamy and convenient way to upgrade their favorite recipes. The range includes the Creamery Sliced and Shredded Cheeses, which are each infused with real cream to give them a distinctly creamy texture. The Creamery Sliced Cheeses come in Cheddar and Baby Swiss varieties, while the Creamery Shredded Cheeses come in Three Cheese Mexican and Cheddar options.The Sargento Creamery Cheeses Collection was explained further by Senior Vice President of Marketing, Consumer Products for Sargento Food Chip Schuman who said, “With consumers seeking more comforting, satisfying foods, our Creamery Shreds and Slices bring rich texture and full flavor to any at-home meal. They are the perfect addition to any home cook’s favorite dishes. Sargento has a 68-year history of innovation and we are proud of our track record of bringing first-of-its-kind products to the dairy case. The Sargento Creamery line continues that innovative spirit — three generations after our company began.”

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