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Travel-Inspired Decor Quizzes

Travel-Inspired Decor Quizzes


Travel-Inspired Decor Quizzes

Knowing that people are eager to travel and discover new places for pleasure once again, IKEA teamed up with Pinterest on the IKEA Renocations quiz. The short quiz introduces users to “Yuri Tinerary,” the A.I.Gent Extraordinaire and the results of the quiz give people a personalized Pinterest board to inspire people to bring refresh their home with travel-inspired decor. The interactive experience asks people to choose between popular destinations like the beach, nature or park, as well as some of their favorite activities. In a matter of minutes, travel lovers will get a personal Pinterest board featuring IKEA products that perfectly capture the spirit of where they’d love to jet off to. This tool helps people keep their homes feeling fresh and inspiring, while tapping into a growing sense of wanderlust.

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