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Extraterrestrial Baked Cookies : baked cookies

Extraterrestrial Baked Cookies : baked cookies


Extraterrestrial Baked Cookies : baked cookies

DoubleTree’s Oven Will Create the First Food Baked in Space

DoubleTree by Hilton is planning to introduce the first-ever baked cookie in space thanks to a prototype oven. For years, people have been drawn to DoubleTree for its freshly baked cookies and now, the brand is on a mission to make “long-duration space travel more hospitable.”

For this unconventional cookie project, DoubleTree is working with microgravity appliance maker Zero G Kitchen and commercial space travel provider NanoRacks. DoubleTree will be sending some of its cookie dough to the ISS later on in the year to test its innovative oven, which will be the first of its kind to share freshly baked food.

With rising interests in space travel and science, a growing number of food and beverage brands are creating products to send into outer space.

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