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Wedding-Ready Burger Rings : burger ring

Wedding-Ready Burger Rings : burger ring


Wedding-Ready Burger Rings : burger ring


Burger King Celebrates Pride with a Wedding Ring Made from the Whopper

The fast food establishment takes the burger ring to the next level.

Love is love and Pride is all about that. During this month of celebration, many brands take the opportunity to express support — some with more politically focused campaigns than others. Burger King chooses to advocate for same-sex marriage and change the lives of two people — Dima and Alvar, who are from Eastern Europe. As this type of union is illegal in their part, one can imagine how impactful this ad can be — both for spectators and those participating in it.

The fast food chain creates burger rings for the homosexual couple, quite literally. Dubbed the ‘Whopper Diamond,’ the ring is made out of the ashes of burnt Whoppers. The initiative is shared in a heart-warming video.


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