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Facially Amalgamated AI Films

Facially Amalgamated AI Films


Facially Amalgamated AI Films

‘Face the Future’ is a transformative film that uses an amalgamation of faces to show how the ANDYs Jury has changed through the years. The film was built with a technology trifecta, an amalgamation of faces on top of a deep fake/face swap, and a head replacement. Using artificial intelligence, each year’s jury’s portraits were integrated, averaging each unique face into one reflective of the group. Deep faked onto an actor’s performance, the amalgamation became the talking face of the industry. To make the evolution even more clear, the artists also created amalgamated with juries from past years. This turned the video into a piece of commentary on the changing face of advertising. Made in partnership with Pereira O’Dell, the film was produced by Stept Studios. The team pushed beyond traditional filmmaking and combined cutting-edge technology. Stept VFX Director and Supervisor Ruel Smith led the ambitious project. A true visual effects virtuoso, Smith has worked on blockbuster films including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Flags of Our Fathers, Riddick, and The Jungle Book.Image Credit: ANDY Awards

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