The Bicentennial Experience Exhibits Singaporean History

‘From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience’ is a culturally relevant event that doubles as a history lesson. The family-friendly activation is inspired by “Singapore’s momentous evolution from 1299.”

The event revolves around two main installations — the Time Traveller and the Pathfinder. The former is a “powerful, multimedia sensory program” that explores Singapore’s 700-year history. The latter boasts an interactive experience through a thought-provoking series of pavilions. From the Seed Conservatory that has native plants and the House of Maps which features a responsive kinetic facade to Brian Gothong Tan’s series of site-specific short films and an open-air library, the event is quite dynamic and interactive.

‘From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience’ skillfully mixes immersive design, interactive education, and entertainment, assuring that there is something for anyone and everyone.

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