This summer, Burger King locations in Sweden and Denmark have teamed up with the microbrewery Mikkeller to create a King’s Cup non-alcoholic beer.The new King’s Cup beer was brewed by Mikkeller and designed to pair with Burger King’s new lineup of gourmet burgers. The beer is a wheat ale that’s described as “a fresh, full-bodied and non-alcoholic summer beer, created to quench the thirst for two brand new burgers from Burger King’s World Gourmet Series, which will be a regular part of the burger chain’s menu in the future.”As far as Burger King’s World Gourmet Series goes, the new lineup includes two tasty Angus beef burgers: the French Cheese and the Argentinian Grill. The French Cheese is made with French floral cheese, while the Argentinian Grill features a spicy chimichurri sauce.Image Credit: Burger King

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