The Shacksbury Lo-Ball cider is a new libation from the brand that will provide drinkers with a premium option for summer that will help to quench their thirst and satisfy their preference for alternative refreshments.The cider is a whiskey highball-inspired drink that comes in eight ounce cans and features a 4.8% ABV, which positions them well as a drink that’s perfect for sipping when relaxing in the summer heat. The citrusy cider is partially inspired Japanese-style whiskey sodas and highballs to make it a great alternative to beers or even sparkling canned cocktails. Containing just 70 calories per can, the cider has a low two grams of sugar to boot.The Shacksbury Lo-Ball cider comes in packs of 16 cans and is available for order now with shipments expected to start taking place in mid-July.

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