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Fast Food Gaming Campaigns : Keeping Fortnite Fresh

Fast Food Gaming Campaigns : Keeping Fortnite Fresh


Fast Food Gaming Campaigns : Keeping Fortnite Fresh


Wendy’s ‘Keeping Fortnite Fresh’ Promotes Its Never Frozen Hamburgers

Wendy’s, the iconic fast food restaurant renowned for never freezing its hamburgers, recently launched an in-game demonstration to promote its freshness titled ‘Keeping Fortnite Fresh.’

Keeping Fortnite Fresh won the social & Influencer Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. “There’s the mischievousness of this, the nimbleness of going there and figuring out the Little Red Riding Hood character looks just like their main character,” says Social & Influencer Jury Chair PJ Pereira, co-founder and creative chairman at Pereira & O’Dell.

The game features an avatar based on Wendy’s logo — including a blue dress and red pigtails — who ventured inside Fortnite’s burger restaurants and destroyed all the freezers. After all the freezers are gone, the game developer changed all the freezers for fresh burger storage. The animation was uploaded onto Twitch and is currently the most viewed gaming video on the site.


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